Help me choose


Which one should i get?

  1. Black Epi petit noe

  2. Petite bucket

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Black Epi Petit Noe or mono petite bucket? I just can't decide. I like them both.
  2. black epi petit noe :smile:
  3. They are both very nice, but I would choose the cute!
  4. i voted for the petite bucket
  5. I love both. But if I have to decide, I vote for Petite Bucket.
  6. i can't choose too...i like both!
  7. I voted for the bucket.
  8. I voted bucket too. :smile:
  9. I have the bucket (and voted for it), but I really really want the noe!
  10. Noe!
  11. bucket, although someone put a scarf in their noe that looked fantastic!
  12. I voted Petite Bucket!! It's my all-time favourite too... And it looks better than the Noe IMO.
  13. Both bags are not my type but I do love Black Epi Noe more than Mono bucket.

    PS: Personally I don't like any bag with plain LV monogram canvas.
  14. wow-this is a close call!
  15. black epi petit noe.