Help me choose!

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  1. Ok ladies I'm rounding out me anniversary shopping list and I can't choose. I've already chosen a speedy 30 de, mono shawl in cassis, gm cosmetic pouch in mono and a verni key holder in lilas. For my last option I can either get another speedy in da AND another mono shawl in rose clair, the Louise epi clutch in rose Clair OR the large Gucci soho in cream leather. I have 2 other speedys but they are limited edition and not everyday bags, I also don't have a light color bag which is why I'm throwing in the da speedy. I don't have a pink bag I love the pastel color of the Louise very spring but I do have a chanel woc soooo. I have Gucci bag already and I'm not a huge fan of most of their things but do really like the style of the soho. Gah I can't decide!! Help me?
  2. Speedy DA and mono shawl in rose clair :love:

  3. +1 or change the DE to a speedy B rather than two shawls
  4. +2 :smile:
  5. A speedy B is a good idea!