Help me choose!

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  1. Hello there again,

    I'm in a dilemma between two RM's of the same color. My problem is I don't know which style to choose. They are both beautiful, but I'd like to ask your opinion on the matter. Which is a better style that suits the hot red color/ gunmetal more? The mini 5 zip or mini mac?

    Thank you in advanced for your opinions! :biggrin:
  2. i personally prefer 5-Zip to MAC. so my vote is for the mini 5-Zip. :smile:
  3. Thanks dear, yeah I'm actually leaning toward the mini zip in this color because the gunmetal is more in contrast than in the mini mac :biggrin:
  4. I would go for the 5-zip.. don´t really know why, but I love that combo better.
  5. I'm thinking the same thing too :lol:
  6. I vote for mini 5 zip! It somehow looks better
  7. Thank you everyone for the help! I ended up getting the 5 mini zip! It does look so much better! Love it and appreciate your help! :smile:
  8. :tup:
  9. I prefer the look of the mini 5-zip as well. Great choice!
  10. Great choice! Love this color/hardware combo in the five zip. :smile:
  11. For some reason I like the top one... I like the zippers look. A friend of mine just purchased this in the neon yellow. I like them.
  12. I just ordered the hot red cupid! Excited to see the color in person as there appears to be some variability in the tones I see depending on the computer I use!
  13. I personally prefer the Mini 5-zip in general without considering the colours or what, so I would definitely vote for that either way. Seeing your beautiful colour choice though, the Mini 5-zip is definitely my choice.
  14. You MUST do a reveal when you get your new bag! ;)
  15. 5 zip