Help me choose!

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  1. I recently purchased a pair of no prive in black patent, and whilst they're very comfy, I'm having second thoughts on them as I already have very prive in indigo (looks pretty much black) and feel these are a little too similar? So I'd like your opinions on what I should do!
    Should I return them and instead buy
    - Lova sling 100 in black satin in my size
    - Lova 100 in black satin/white ponyhair (I'm usually 38.5 and these are 38 so don't know if they'll be too tight?)
    - Maggie 140 (I love the colour of these but I don't know if they're actually comfortable?)

    Help is much appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. I have the Maggies in purple kid/blue suede and I love these and find them very comfy. But, I don't where them every day. I've owned two pairs of VPs (one in black kid) and the other in pink watersnake. The VPs I can wear every day and run in. But, I haven't owned the no prive (slings, right?)

    My advice is contingent on how often you wear heels and your primary purpose for these? As an every day, work horse pump and if you wear slings often, keep the no prive. Black patent with the red is so elegant.

    But, if you want these as a "pop" shoe, I might go for a different pair. (Or just get both! hehe)
  3. These are the exact Maggies I'm thinking of getting, they look amazing! I was leaning towards them but just wasn't sure of the comfort factor but you might just have persuaded me! :cool:

    I'm looking for going out shoes (but ones that I can still walk around and dance in) as opposed to work shoes.

    Thanks for your reply! :heart:
  4. Hmm, since you said your indigo VPs look pretty much black, and you're looking for going out shoes, then I would probably go for the Maggies.
  5. Are the purple/blue Maggie's color combo still avail to purchase??
  6. No, I think at this stage you can only find them on eBay..
  7. I love, love, love mine!

    With stockings and casual paired with jeans. I'm a bit biased though hahah. :smile:
    image-4028640443.jpg image-18376811.jpg
  8. I have the purple/blue Maggie and I love the colors! I think the Maggies are tight in the toe box, but I would buy them every time. They are such beauties!

    So my vote goes for Maggie.
  9. I'm the same as you MDB, I always look for a new pair of shoes that don't look too similar to anything I already own.

    If it helps re: Lova sizing - I'm a 35.5 TTS and bought Love Me in 35 and I have wide feet so I would think 38 would be fine for you. I personally love this style so I might seem biased in saying they're my preference but I also love Maggies and I LOVE the purple/blue colourway MDS has. I'd go for either Lova 100 black satin/white ponyhair or Maggies.
  10. i'm biased to the maggies, i just got my first pair actually find them very stable/comfortable and could run in them if need be, and tbh i can't say the same for some of my other 140mm+ CLs as much as i love them...
  11. Thank you, Im leaning towards the Maggie!

    Not available in stores:sad: ps your inbox is full so I couldn't reply to your pm the other day.

    they look amazing on you, thanks for the modelling pic! I think you've just helped me make up my mind!

    Thanks! The more I look ay them the more I want them!

    Im not too sure about sizing because in love me I'm a 38.5 and there was no way I could've gone any smaller. My friend reminded me Lova is older season so she's going to measure hers for me. I sort of want to give my Love Mes a sister hehe :P

    Thanks for letting me know, if they're towards the comfy side then I'm definitely sold!
  12. Thanks for your replies girls:smile: I think I will return the no prive as I purchased them for near US retail price. Fingers crossed I can get both Maggie and Lova 100 for not much more, but if worse comes to worse I'll stick with Maggies
  13. Yay! (And thank you for the kind words!!) they really are a fabulous shoe! Mod pics when you get them!!
  14. Hehe I love the idea of giving Love Mes a sister :smile:

    Love Me's and Maggies were both on my 'to-buy' list so either of them would be great. BOTH of them would be even more amazing ;)
  15. The Maggies were on my list - but I NEVER see size 41 :sad:

    Maybe one day.....