Help me choose?

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  1. Ok Ladies... after getting opinions about three different bags in general and oogling bag pictures for the past week or so, I've decided that I really want a B buckled bag more than a paddy or an LV pouchette. (The buckles are just calling out my name, oh mama! :graucho:)

    As some of you know.. I was earlier contemplating the pouchette/clutch

    But after looking at it some more, I realise that I don't really feel much for the handles. So now I've added this to the equation:

    Design-wise, I love the first one. It's unique and it can dress up a casual outfit. However, I really really do love the material and the handles on the second one, and after my recent "let's buy light colored bags" thing, I find myself wanting a solid black bag again.

    The first pouchette is much smaller than the second... the second one is roughly the size of my laptop keyboard (i did measurements) and the first is probably half that size. I'm alright with both sizes but I'm really torn between these two bags.

    Opinions, anyone? :shrugs:
  2. I really like the details on the first one. I know what you mean about the handles though.
  3. I think she meant the lack of handles on the first one.. the chain only thing she wasn't feeling?

    Anyways... I like both the bags.. does the second one come in a similar print to the first one? Cuz I know the bigger b.fendi bag comes in the same material and those fancy buckles as the clutch pic you have there. So I don't know if it exists in the east-west style, but if it does.. then voila! problem solved. If it doesn't exist.. then I think the answer to your question is going out (small bag) or practicality? (bigger bag)
  4. i like both, but the first is my fave. have you tried the first one on and felt the chain handles?
  5. Yup, I remember I voted for the first bag in the other thread. :yes: But since you've added the second bag into the equation, I'll say get the second one... 'cause the second one can be both dressy and casual. For the first one, I can only envision it being a dressy bag. Afterall, you're looking to carry it as an everyday bag, right? HTH! ;)
  6. I like the first one a lot. It's beautiful and very unique. I don't mind the straps either. The other strap is better but the bags themselves can't be compared.
  7. IMO, the patent leather one looks more dressy. Like, you might only use that for special occasions, Black Tie events. I can even see it being used with some jeans on a date or hangin' with the girls. But, it's not every day, if ya know what I mean. The second one, I can see being used practically every day.

    So, if it were me, if I already had a lot of casual bags, I'd go with the first one. If I had enough dressy bags, I might go with the 2nd one. But, I'm leanin' more t'ward the 1st bag.

    By the way, have ya used your metallic spy yet? :smile:
  8. I vote for the first bag because I love the details. It's great for night out to dress up jeans and cute tops. But if you want something for everyday, then 2nd one would be better.
  9. jadecee, I haven't seen the first print in the design of the second bag:sad: I wish it did, because that would make my decision soooo much easier. I think the first one is mostly a clutch, not really a shoulder bag.
  10. Katgrrrl, you totally read my mind :yes: I was thinking the first one would go a long way in making an outfit seem dressier especially when I'm out. I'm not sure if I will use it as an everyday bag yet, because I can use the spy for that (and basically I'm in school, so both of these would virtually be useless for carrying books and files)

    I haven't used my spy except to carry her around in my room. :wlae:I'm going home in 2 weeks so the past few days have been mad packing (into suitcases and boxes to be shipped home) so the spy has had to be good and hold all the stuff I need while on the plane. Plus, it has been snowing and raining and I am terrified to take her out in such conditions!
  11. " the spy has had to be good and hold all the stuff I need while on the plane."

    Yes, Yes and YES! I LOVE how roomy the Spy is! I mean, you can just dump everything and anything in it. It's the best! I was hesitant in the beginning about the Spy cos I've never had a bag that didn't have a zipper or snaps or something to keep it closed. I was worried about stuff falling out. After using it a for a few days, I now realise I had nothing to worry about.
  12. I had exactly the same concerns! I am paranoid when travelling, so taking bags that don't have a zipper makes me sweat. But when I got the spy I realized that although there's no zipper, it's virtually impossible for anything to fall out or someone to slip a hand in, especially when it's tucked under my shoulder. And yes, I love the fact that I can throw everything in it! :wlae: