Help me choose!!

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  1. I'm buying myself a new Coach bag for Christmas but I can't decide which one! I've got it narrowed down to this:Coach - CHELSEA OPTIC SIGNATURE DEMI
    or this:

    I know the optic would prob. go with more which is what I'm aiming for but I'm totally in love with the denim!!
  2. I love the first one, STUNNING :biggrin:
  3. I think it depends on what you want to use the bag for. I like the optic, as it is more versatile and could be a year-round bag. But the denim is really unique and if you love it you might regret it if you don't get it. But it really is more of a warm-weather bag to me, so you might not get as much wear out of it if you want to be able to wear it in the winter.
  4. I like the Optic Signature.
  5. I like the optic best!
  6. I like the optic best too!
  7. hard choice....I would go with optic for its versitality
  8. I would say optic because you never have to worry about it getting dirty and will be more versatile than the denim.
  9. Optic!
  10. Optic! I'm not a huge fan of the denim . . .