help me choose !!!

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  1. I need to make a decision before Monday.It is the baby Cabas.I am sure about the handbag but I can't choose the color.I am between the black,the teal or the bronze!!!Help
  2. do you have any black bags already. bronze is really nice.
  3. The bronze is tdf.
  4. i like the bronze or the black.
  5. Does the bronze really look as metallic as this pic IRL? I know I'm the dissenter but I think the shine makes the leather look cheesy in this photo. Compared to the metallic black luxury goatskin which was more like a sheen, the khaki cabas looks metallic.

  6. I like the bronze. It's not too shiny, but quite rich looking and more expensive looking. I found the black to be a bit too distressed for me.
  7. i also think the bronze is not too metallic IRL, from far it looks more like brown to me. I love that color and don't find it chessy at all!
  8. I didn't care for the black IRL because it looks distressed and it is not a rich black color. I would go for the khaki especially if you have black bags.
  9. If you already have Black bags, Bronze is so gorgeous !!!
  10. My first pick is black, if you don't already have a black bag. Otherwise, the bronze is a really fun choice!
  11. I love the bronze. I am waiting for mine to come.
  12. I vote black as well
  13. I agree with some of the others in that if you already have a lot of black bags bronze would be a gorgeous addition to your collection!
  14. I love this bag in Bronze! :yes:
  15. I love the bronze, but I doubt I'll be able to get my hands on one, so next would be black.
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