help me choose


Hich bag as my first one?

  1. damier pochette azur

  2. damier pochette

  3. pochette monogram

  4. neither of these, get something else

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  1. I posted a few days ago and I've got a few bags in mind for my first one (I choose to get a cheaper one first, I want a nice bag as soon as possible and then I will be saving for a second more expansive bag)
  2. I think the damier pouchette azur is beautiful and would be a great first bag.
  3. Damier Azur pochette. I think this line is really fun but still classy!
  4. I really like the pochette monogram
  5. Damier pochette azur--classy and different at the same time.
  6. I'd save a bit more $ and get something bigger :yes:
  7. damier azur pochette