Help me choose?????????

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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, not new to the site but first post. I have recently changed over from gucci to LV. can I ask for your help in deciding which briefcase/laptop case to purchase

    # 1. Monogram Macassar Canvas - Porte-Documents Voyage GM

    # 2. Damier Graphite Canvas - Porte-documents Voayge GM

    Love both and am torn??????????
  2. #2
  3. I love that damier graphite canvas. Very distinguished looking...IMO
  4. I love the damier graphite canvas
  5. Graphite
  6. Damier Graphite gets my vote
  7. I'm also with Graphite..
  8. Graphite is so chic.
  9. graphite!!!!!!!!;)
  10. Another vote for Graphite! :tup:
  11. graphite, hands down.
  12. Im with graphite here too!
  13. #1
  14. graphite!!!
  15. thanks for the input. Sometimes i feel like a woman myself I want all these different things and cant ever make up my mind !!!!!!!!!!!! haha