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Necklace, Bracelet, or neither?

  1. Wood and Medal necklace

  2. Braided Leather bracelet

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Alright.. so i want to get myself a piece of jewelry from the f/w collection.

    I like the Wood and Medal necklace, (which is $405 CAD)

    and the Braided Leather Bracelet (which is $355 CAD.)

    I can't get both so which should I get?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. The bracelet. Its gorgeous.
  3. I love the bracelet!!
  4. Bracelet!!
  5. bracelet!
  6. bracelet!
  7. looks like the bracelet is leading so far.. :wlae:
  8. I have a thing for bracelets but that's just me...
  9. Necklace.
  10. I say necklace! You will always be able to wear it, with any outfit, and it will always look classic IMO.
  11. Bracelet is so COOL!!!
  12. bracelet, they are both nice, but I only like the necklace with the coral charm (if it never came out with a coral charm i would probly like it more, but i feel it is lacking now)
  13. I like bracelet..
  14. Neither! Get a small LV bag!:yes:
  15. Bracelet...but now that's getting to be winter soon, you may not be able to show it off as much as a necklace..? Just a thought...
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