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  1. So from the sound of things there will be another sale. I saw this on Ignes's facebook page:

    I'm curious about the Virginia so if it is included in the next sale I'd like to order one. The problem is what leather? The two I was most interested in are out of stock. (raspberry and dark grey)

    I like the idea of a soft metallic like perhaps pewter but whiskey is tempting too! Or taupe looks very nice! I have tan bags, a purple, orange on the way, a black and a plum on the way too so taupe or pewter might be the best choices to add. I want it on the casual side though, I don't dress up much.

    What do you think? I found some pics of pewter and it looks great! I only found one of taupe so if anyone has a swatch to share, that'd be great!
  2. I dont have the taupe swatch, but I think warm pewter would be very beautiful!
    rigth now I am intrigued to see this second part, I have resisted the first sale, and now a second part... I need to find the money tree somewhere!
  3. Well, just chatted with Maria and found out there is only enough taupe for a small bag HOWEVER... the dark grey is still available! I'm getting a dark grey Virginia with silver hardware and beige fabric lining!! Yay!!! :yahoo: I love the dark grey leather!! I'm so happy it's still available for one more bag!!!
  4. YAY! the dark greay is beautiful! good choice of lining, too.
    did you managed to know what they were planning ? ;). Intrigued about this second part sale...
  5. No, NBL, no hints on the sale! :sad: And dark grey won't be included since it's just a small amount left but I'm still so thrilled!!
  6. Sure, it is better to have the bag you dream of, and I know dark grey was your first option! it is great Ignes has enough leather for your bag... the virginia in dark grey is a beautiful design in a gorgeous classic leather!
  7. Any dates for the sale...LOL I wonder if this will also be another Sample Sale or the same as the last one...this month, I may just be able to splurge on that one last bag before baby comes :biggrin:
  8. Thanks, NBL! I am so glad they have that chat option on Ignes! I was just checking out leathers on the site when I saw Maria was online so thought I'd chat with her! It made my day! She's so nice and it was fun creating the bag with her! Turns out they have purple fabric lining so I went with that instead! (I've been wanting purple lining and this will be perfect!) I now have on order 1 Virginia in dark grey 052 leather with purple fabric lining (to keep costs down!) and silver hardware!
  9. Wow, TL, sounds wonderful!! Chains??
  10. Thanks, E!! No chains! I don't really like chains for straps. Nothing personal, everyone! LOL! So, just a simple Virginia! Won't she be lovely?? And if I like it enough, I think it'd be fabulous in a dark brown leather sort of like Duranie's light whiskey but darker brown or maybe even whiskey! :drool: (See how it is, order one and start working on the next already!) I need a new mini chiara too though! :graucho:
  11. Well, Sandy probably bought up all the chains, anyway, lol!! I think it sounds wonderful. I love the Virginia. And, it's nicely structured, too!!
  12. You'll love the purple fabric! It's in my Petra and it's not too dark but not too light either! It'll look great against the dark grey!
  13. LOL, E!! I bet she did! Sandy's Virginias are going to be gorgeous too!

    Irainei, that's great! I'm off to find pics of purple lining now!
  14. Dark grey Virginia will be stunning!
  15. I am officially jealous!
    Virginia is the next bag I would like to get too.
    Dark grey and purple?
    Sounds divine!