Help me choose...

  1. between a Perforated Cles in green or a Vernis Noisette 4 key holder. I can't decide which one I want. I want to be able to carry my license and atm card in it...I can't believe I'm posting which one I should buy. We're going on strike tomorrow morning and here I am looking to buy something LV. I'm so bad.
  2. The cles.
  3. I heard that perfo fits more than the other cles. I would go with perfo.:yes:
  4. Cles!
  5. I would get the Cles. I don't think you can put your license in the 4-key holder, can you? I have an orange Perfo Cles, and I love it. Besides, the Perforated line will be discontinued, so if you decide you want it later, it might not be around. Sorry you're getting ready to go on strike!
  6. I would go with the cles. Sorry to hear about you going on strick. Hang in there and enjoy your new purchase.
  7. Perfo cles:yes: since you want to carry your cards etc.
  8. I'd go the perfo cles because it's more sturdy than the vernis and also its discontinued...
  9. Perfo cles, definitely !
  10. I'd go for the perfo cles!!! it's quite roomey compared to other cles' and it's such a fab piece to clip onto your bags!!!
  11. Vernis noisette is SOOOOOO hot!
  12. Perfo..the Noisette has been around for quite awhile now so if you still want it later I don't think you should have trouble getting it.
  13. go for the cles!!
  14. Perfo in this case
  15. I don't like the perforated line, so i vote for the vernis key holder. :yes: