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  1. Hi everyone- I have a dilemna:

    I have found my HG - a Black Besace with Giant Gold Hardware - here's the problem

    Bag #1:

    Super soft smooshy leather - but has a line that looks like there was a creased area in the leather that didn't absorb dye as evenly as the rest of the bag.

    Bag #2:

    Soft - but more creased and distressed looking leather

    As you all know - GGH is very difficult to find.

    Please tell me which one you think should I pick :shrugs:
  2. I'd pick number 2 because I think that line would drive me nuts and I actually like distressed leather.
  3. Is there anyway you could post pictures? I think most would pick bag 2, but I'm wondering if there would be anyway for you to die just that part that didn't absorb the die in bag 1. Then again each bag has its own character and maybe that could be the character of your bag if you chose that one. But I don't know how good/bad it looks without a picture.
  4. I would pick bag two because I love the distressed leather look! Have fun picking!