Help me choose...

  1. LOL, I think we'd all be biased here and say the MJ bag.
  2. :lol: :lol: That's what I figured you would say! LOL I think I want the MJ bag more so I was just looking for more encouragement!:P
  3. Oh yes, definitely the MJ bag! I hear that is a terrific bag. Post pics when you get it!!
  4. Forgive me, but I couldn't find the picture of the susannah, I only saw the black multipocket.
  5. (If I remember correctly) Susannah is similar to Multipocket, it just doesn't have the 2 front pockets.

    It boils down to personal preference. I prefer the clean/classic line and soft leather of Marc Jacobs over Luella or Mulberry. =)
  6. ^^^Ugh...I'm an idiot. You're so right joeyjimmy...that thread didn't show pics of the Susannah but the multi pocket. I thought it did.

    Yes, the Susannah does look very identical to MP with the exception of the two front pockets. Sorry for the confusion!!:shame:
  7. MJ all the way!
  8. agreed!
  9. I'm not a huge Luella fan...Totally MJ, but I guess that's obvious.
  10. Mj!