Help me choose!

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  1. black and beige classic ballerinas or black and white? i think i like the black and white better but i'm worried the white will wear worse because they will get dirty easily....what do you think?
  2. You may have to be a bit careful, but I like black and white.
    It depends on what you wear most. Brown, blacks, colors, etc.
    Good luck. I want a pair of these so badly!
  3. I like the stark contrast of black and white but I can't resist the black and tan. They just seem "right" to me... like those colors were made for each other.
    Speaking of black and tan... has anyone had the ice cream delight of that name? I could go for one right now :roflmfao:
  4. Love the Black and Beige flats:tup: (I'm getting a pair next week;))
  5. depends what you like to wear, for me black and white in shoes are hard to get with colors, i would go for shoes in beige and black.
  6. i love black and beige,i'm also looking for this color right now,,as well.