Help me choose!!

  1. Okay, so I can't really afford any expensive bags right now (damn multiple plane tickets and wedding :suspiciou ), but I can afford ONE accessory :smile:
    So I'm stuck on LV, so all these options are LV :love:

    Okay, let's see what we've got:

    I've been set on this MC agenda for a while! I love it, it's so pretty and I feel like I could get good use out of it. I carry my agenda everywhere and this one also has 3 credit card slots so it could double as a wallet:

    Second choice, I love the Epi line. This is a little more expensive, but maybe it would be a better bet. The Porte Tresor international:
    Or perhaps in the classic monogram?? :
    But with this I could get a bag instead.. Like a pochette:
    Or maybe a mini sac:
    My funds are limited right now (until I get a real job :wacko: ), so this is basicly what I can afford for now..

    What would you choose?? THANKS ladies, I heart you all!
  2. i love the epi pochette!!
    i would go on that, but if you need a wallet, get the epi one!
    i'm not a fan of the mongrammed stuff
  3. Thanks for your input! :love: I do love the epi pochette.. it's just HARD to choose. I love the agenda because it's so colorful, it just makes me feel all happy inside.. Oooh, but maybe the epi pochette or wallet in mandarin or red :biggrin:

    Damnit, all these choices :Push:
  4. I love the MC agenda! Its fantastic!
  5. but you have to ask yourself 'do i really need an agenda?'
  6. Epi pochette!

    I love mine, epi is the most durable IMO. I use mine as either a small purse or I put it in one of my bigger bags to keep organized. I'd get the mandarin! I don't care for the myrtille blue IRL.
  7. The epi pochette is classic! But if you're in the market for a wallet, I'd look at the suhali wallet as well; I'm not exactly sure how much it is, but it's beautiful!
  8. jag, I love it too! Btw, where are you from? jag means "me" in swedish :P

    Divina, oh I need one for sure! I am LOST without my agenda, I'm like a chicken with my head cut off.. :huh: But there's an epi agenda too..

  9. so if you need an agenda, get the epi one...i'm no big fan of monogram!
    or you can even decide to get a less expensive agenda and buy the epi pochette!
  10. Blushing baby: I just feel like it's SO small?? What can you fit in there??

    Supersaucy, I love the Suhali pieces as well, but they're like twice the price almost :sad2:
  11. I like the Epi Porte Tresor International, very sophisticated :biggrin:
  12. The Monogram International Wallet is great! I have one....

    Depends if you would rather a small bag....personally I like larger bags.
  13. I like it too.. But I just can't help love the MC agenda.. this is hard.. I wish my parents would give me some of their money and understand that a girl doesn't just need practical things :P My mom almost had a heart attack when she saw my Speedy, she spends her money on practical tings :P
  14. I do too, I'm not a small bag person.. but it could be nice for going out or what not.. I carry too much crap around :lol:
  15. swedie ask yourself what you REALLy need and if it is truly a good thing to spend so much money on a agenda.
    i got the epi agenda for a birthday gift, and i never use agenda is always tossed everywhere, and i prefere not to use the epi.
    but that's me, for you, it might be different!