Help me choose!

  1. I can't decide whether I want the ellipse pm or the tivoli pm...any thoughts???
  2. Hmm... I'd choose the Tivoli Pm. I like the look more.
  3. this is a no-brainer... TIVOLI of course!!!
  4. I have a Tivoli PM and love it!!! Actually it is my favorite bag among all my LVs and Guccis.
  5. No ellipse lovers huh? Does the Tivoli stay in the shape? I like the ellipse because it is structured and can be dressed up. Can the tivoli be dressed up too?
  6. as always, my vote goes to the tivoli! ^_~
  7. i like the tivoli as well.
  8. tivoli PM for sure!
  9. Yes, the Tivoli holds her shape! No sagging! IMHO, the Tivoli can be be used either as a casual or dressy bag.

    Tivoli PM vote here! (Boy, is ;)Tivoli popular or what???)
  10. tivoli!
  11. I like the Tivoli as well...
  12. i'd go with the tivoli..
  13. Tivoli !!!
  14. yep.. tivoli all the way.
  15. I like the tivoli for sure.:tup: