Help me choose!

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  1. Ok so I know it's an old style, but I'm trying to decide between the Activas in Aztec or Python. Here are the pictures of the styles (pics from eBay):


  2. Python all the way, who cares if it's an old style, I meen it' from 07 and they look gorgeous worn!
  3. Hard decision! I say both :p. I'm having the same problem- but I'm trying to decide between aztec, python, and plain white! I love this style- not sure why I didn't get it earlier!

    Also- in case you need help in terms of sizing, I posted a question about the fit of these in the Sizing Guide. Good luck with your decision! Sorry I wasn't more of a help haha.
  4. Oh yeah, and I agree- who cares if it's an "older" style- that shoe is hot!!! It's only from spring/summer 2007 anyway, so it's not ancient!
  5. Aztec
  6. Python!
  7. Not much in it but Aztec, just.
  8. I prefer the python, they are so sexy! Note that this style runs very small and narrow so be sure to size up.
  9. Do you think I should size up a whole size? I wear a 39 in most Loub's (a US 38.5). Should I go with the 39.5 or is 39 ok?
  10. I vote python, only because everything python I see on this forum makes me ga-ga:girlsigh:, but both are absolutely gorgeous! I dont think you can go wrong with either one of them!
  11. Python from me
  12. python! it makes the shoe look classier and sexier for me.
  13. Python!!
  14. another python vote!
  15. Python all the way - it's a classic, never dates...:woohoo: