Help me choose....

What purse do you like better!!

  • Signature Ergo hobo

  • Signature stripe tote

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Jul 5, 2007
Okay so I have two bags on hold... but I can only buy one. Can you ladies help me decide. I am 22 years old...23 on the 30th. I want a Chocolate purse so bad.:love:

Okay Its either the Coach Signature Ergo Hobo in brown... the one on sale.
or the signature strip tote also in brown.

My boyfriend is buying me the BLEECKER SIGNATURE MINI WALLET... the one with brown and hot pink:heart:
So please help me decide on the purse... Which one do you have any which one do you like better and why?? Thank you ladies.
They're such different bags. The Ergo to me, is more casual--slouchy, not as structured. But such a comfortable bag! And that is a GREAT price. I have the Ergo tote and love it, and I want a hobo too!

The sig stripe tote is more structured and classic I think. I do have one of them--love it, so easy to find your things and keep them organized. I think in the long run, you'd get more use out of the sig stripe tote. Are you considering the brown/bronze combo? That is such a gorgeous bag!!
I like the signature stripe in brown/bronze as well. Between the two you have chosen though, I would go for the Ergo. I just don't feel too safe with the top of the tote being completely open. I like my bag to be securely shut.