Help Me Choose!

  1. I'm new here and must say this forum is great!!

    So, I'm getting the following for Christmas
    Sorry the pics are so BIG!

    I really need a planner to keep in my purse. Obviously, I love to coordiante, and would LOVE this one:

    I haven't got to see it in person but I'm sure that with the wallet and make-up case that there's no way it will fit in my Bleecker Shopper.
    (Correct me if I'm WRONG)

    What other choices are out there?? I want everything to coordiante. I'm a little weird when it comes to that!

    The 6X8 planners seem to large and the 3X5 seem so small. So, I'm thinking a 4X7 would probably work best. I thought about the Legacy Stripe but hadn't seen it in person to know if it would "match" well with the Tattersall print.

    Any opinions would be great!
  2. The Bleecker Shopper is fairly large IRL so your make-up bag and full size wallet should fit just fine. Although, I agree with you that a 4x7 agenda would better fit inside the purse rather than the 6x8 - either the Punch Pink Leather Agenda in 4x7 or the Legacy Stripe Agenda in 4x7 will match up nicely (I have both of these in 4x7) with the tattersall design. I don't see the 4x7 Punch Pink agendas on but I'm sure you can call Coach's 800# and they can help you with that. Good luck with your choices!