Help me choose


Hobo or Tote?

  1. Hobo (the pic on the left)

  2. Tote (the pic on the right)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi gals, i need opinions.

    Which design do you all think is nicer?
    I m getting the color as shown in the hobo(left). But don't know which design is nicer.
    Thank you!! :biggrin:

  2. I vote HOBO!!!! I have this bag in chocolate brown siggy and LOVE her!!!! She's comfy and adorable!!!
  3. I say go for the Hobo, I have it and it is very comfy. Extremely lightweight. It hangs nice too. Has lots of room.
  4. I also vote hobo, I just like the look better and think it would be easier to carry and use. :tup:
  5. hobo hobo hobo!!!!!!

    Not a fan of the tote, only because it has an open top
  6. I voted for the hobo. I like the shape of it more than the tote.
  7. Agree with others.. I like Hobo!!!!!
  8. hobo. i h8 bags that dont really close.
  9. hobo!!!! so tought but I love the hobo!
  10. I vote tote.....because I have it in turquoise and it is my favorite bag EVER but I actually like that it's open, I can get to everything quickly.
  11. That hobo in chocolate is tdf :yes:.
  12. I like the Hobo more.
  13. either one in chocolate!!
  14. I personally don't like the shape of the tote, but here is something else to consider.

    The one on the left completely zips shut. Is it plausible for you to carry around an open bag? If you live where it rains or snows a lot or you are fearful of pickpockets, then go with the hobo!
  15. Ooo thanks so much everyone! i think i'll get the HOBO!! :heart: :winkiss: