Help me choose?

  1. I have two grail scarves. Both by Sefedin-- one, La Tour Eiffel S'Envole, and the other, Feux du Ceil. I can't have both-- I'm not even sure if I can afford one. I'll really have to scrape somewhere, maybe find something to sell on eBay- I sold almost every bag I had to get my H bag so I'm running low on things to pawn off! And I just found out I have to pay property tax on my car where I live, and that's eating over $200 I was going to spend on Christmas presents.


    But if you had to choose between the three below, which would you pick? Because I love them all equally. The really vivid vibrant fuchsia/pink/blue/orange CW is stunning, but I'm not sure about what I'd wear with it. The soft pink/purple CW is equally beautiful but again what would I wear with it? And the white, I have wanted a white H scarf since I read The Devil Wears Prada, and I could wear it with anything--

    What do you ladies think? TIA :flowers:

    (images courtesy of LinPHA and fleursetcarlines)
    scarf.JPG 329431_IMG-4257.jpg 352e_1.jpg
  2. I think the middle scarf is elegant. It looks versatile, and it appears to dress up or down nicely. I'm thinking jeans. Neutral colors will make the colors in the scarf pop. That would be my choice of the three. Post pictures after you choose your treasure.
  3. I pick number two, I've always liked that color scheme and we may have to be scarf twins, I hope that's okay! LOL
    I agree with the above point - you can dress it up or down, and would go with neutrals. The design on #1 is lovely but I don't see the colors as 'you'. The last one is very bold and brilliant and you could pull it off but it's a matter of this: if you can only get one, get one you could feasibly wear a different way every single day if you wanted to - and I see that one happening with #2 the most.

  4. I like the middle one the best. The colors are very nice together.
  5. So that's 3 votes for the middle one....

    and hmm, I do see about the jeans thing, very good point... :yes:
  6. I like the last...bright colors go in all season for southern gals like us...and pop off outfits when you wear blacks, creams, greys for work!