Help me choose!


Which one?

  1. Damier Speedy 30 (dark)

  2. Damiera Ribera

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  1. I absolutely love damier, and have nothing of it. I have a manhattan GM, mono PTI, multicolor pochette MM (see recent post!), and no damier!

    I really want a speedy and decided I want to get the Azur 25. But I also love the dark damier, and can't decide between: speedy 30 OR ribera! LOVE both shapes, but im torn.
  2. Speedy 30 since you don't have a speedy yet. :smile: And it's such a classic bag that every girl should have.
  3. I voted Damier 30 ebene ... great bag!

    But if you are definitely getting the azur 25 ... it won't be a bad idea to get the ribera for some variety ... really, any of those are great bags!
  4. If you plan on getting the azur speedy, I'd get the ribera for variety. I do like the speedy shape more over the ribera though !
  5. I voted for Damier's a lovely classy bag!
  6. I think the ribera is a great handbag, but everyone should have a speedy! And the Damier ebony speedy is so useful - no vachetta to worry about, and it looks great with everything.
  7. I like the ribera a lot. I don't see too many of them, it'd be cool if you had one.
  8. speedy