Help me Choose =)

  1. Heidi :tup:
  2. Heidi! I love mine! :heart:
  3. Mermaid.
  4. Tough choice....I think I would have to choose the Mermaid...

    a nice even tie lol!
  5. I say the Mermaid.
  6. Definitely Heidi!
  7. I like the Heidi!
  8. Heidi. But I would def. chose Mermaid in violet over Heidi.
  9. The Mermaid. I adore Aaneta, I have several and they are the best.
  10. Wow! Tough choice...I would go for the Heidi, only because you mention that you are using it for a work bag and the Mermaid may not be the most practical shape (depending on what you carry daily). I tried a Treesje (Lotus) and have an HH Ana and while I love the idea of these looks, they are not always the easiest to get in and out of....

    That being said, the Mermaid is a *lovely* bag and the colors are amazing!
  11. heidi
  12. I like Heidi better.
  13. I like Heidi better too. Plus, I love the blue color of that Heidi.
  14. I like the Heidi.