help me choose!

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  1. I'm planning to buy one of the Fendi's from Joma. Could you please help me decide between grey Spy ( the one with no flowers) and the large B Bag in black grainy leather.

    I know that the Spy is really a must, but I'm afraid that in a near future it can get dayted. No?
    I red also about large B Bag metal studs coming off, but I love the style so much.
    It's soooo hard to decide
  2. If a Spy can get dated, a B-Bag can definitely get dated! The grey Spy seems classic to me b/w the bag and color combination. IMO, the B-Bag is more trendy while the Spy is more utilitarian. On the other hand, everyone needs a black bag!

    I like the Spy though. :p

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. I have that exact spy from Joma and I absolutely love it. LOVE it. It is a great neutral color and I haven't stopped using it since I bought it!

    I think spies are lovely bags...and are going to end up being quite classic. So I'd totally go with the spy!
  4. Question...Does it get dirty easily? Do you have to clean it often? Curious b/c I have a light color Spy that I clean quite often.
  5. Lo - I've only had her for about three weeks now. I don't see any dirt on her so far! Just checked her over - clean as a whistle!

    The color is really kind of a dark taupe-y liver-y brown grey my guess is that she won't show dirt too much.

    I have a pale pink Balenciaga that is kind of a pain to use and keep clean, but I've been using ms. spy non-stop since I got her and she still looks sharp.