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Which Should I Choose?

  1. Kooba Elisha

  2. Kooba Meredith

  3. Gustto Baca

  4. MbyMj Bowler in Red

  5. MbyMj Bowler in Camo

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  1. I am trying to decide between these four bags, so I would like your opinion:

    Kooba Elisha in Red
    Kooba Meredith in Slate
    Gustto Bacca in Charcoal;jsessionid=D488435BAB31C3470061B12A71ECD24E.jvm2?product=GUST-WY58
    Marc by MJ turnlock either the red color in the pic or Camouflage (I think that's the name, my local Saks had it and it is gorgeous!)

    I can only afford one right now, so I must choose. I have been wanting a red bag for a while, however the Meredith is one that just made my jaw drop when I saw pics. The Baca is one that makes me drool when I see pics! lol The MbyMJ both the hubby and I LOVED when we saw it at Saks. I just loved the leather! Unfortunately, I have only seen the MbyMJ irl, all the others I am going strictly on pics. With the Kooba, my Saks had neither the Elisha or meredith when I was up there, and they don't carry Gustto. All of them are just so gorgeous in the pics though, truly droolworthy! See my dilemma, I am in lust with them all!!! lol
  2. i voted for the baca, but this is a really hard decision! I reallllly like all of them lol!
  3. They are all lovely. Some of them are more casual than the other. I like Meredith. I saw Baca in person this past weekend. Its leather is buttery and yummy. Baca style obviously is more casual than Meredith. I wish I could have them all.
  4. Elisha in Red all the way. Such a pretty color.
  5. I think it depends on what you're looking for. (A tote? A work bag? A casual bag?)
    I think that the Elisha is very pretty, but with the bow-esque detailing and the color, it immediately made me think of Valentine's Day. I think that the Meredith looks better in colors with warm undertones rather than the grey. I don't like the Gustto. I think that the MJ in red is pretty gorgeous.
    If I were buying for fun I would pick the Elisha in Red.
    For work/more professional, the Meredith in one of the browns or the MJ.
  6. Those are all really nice! I voted for the MBMJ in Camo (cause I love that green!) just because I think it is the most versatile. I love Gustto too, the leather is sooo soft and buttery, and I have always liked the Kooba Meredith too. I think the Gustto is a little more casual and the Kooba a little more polished, to me the MBMJ is in the middle ;)
  7. Kooba Elisha! So pretty.
  8. I could't see all the links, but the Elisha is really nice and unique. Love the way the leather ties in the front!
  9. I think I would have to fret over 2 choices....the Kooba Elisha and the MJ Totally Turnlock. I could see wearing those bags with everything in the universe.....dressy,, denim.......whatever you choose. That would be my choice.
  10. Definitely the Kooba Meredith. Very chic, especially in the Slate colour!
  11. I voted MBMJ red, I think that bag is so pretty.
  12. Thanks for all the replies ladies! I actually have ALL casual bags, one reason why I like the Meredith (not to mention it is just flat out GORGEOUS). So, I'm still very undecided. Red really catches my eye, and I have nothing in red. I'm really beginning to love greys too though. I actually prefer the baca in rust, but since I am contemplating a balenciaga in rouille, I didn't think I needed two orange bags. Maybe I should make a trip to Atlanta next weekend and try to see more of these babies in person! It really sucks being stuck in the middle of nowhere! :p