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Which Day Should I Get?

  1. Ocean

  2. Tomato

  3. Paprika

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am wanting to get on a waitlist somewhere for my first bbag, but am still undecided on which color, though I have decided I want a day for my first one. So ladies and gents, please help me decide. I am not too worried about one that goes with everything as I have other bags to carry and plan on getting a few this coming season.
  2. i voted tomato - i think it would look awesome in a DAY style! :tup:
  3. My favorite color from those 3 is Rouge but for a Day bag I voted Ocean! CONGRATS on your first Bbag!:yahoo:
  4. I voted Paprika b/c I think this color is going to look awesome in large doses like the Day bag offers. This would be the color that is rumored to be Terre de Sienne like and I bet it's fabulous in person.
  5. I voted for paprika also.
  6. i voted for tomato!:tup:
  7. TOMATO!
  8. Ocean or Tomato =)
  9. I voted Paprika cuz I think it would look great in the Day style!:tup:
  10. I voted paprika!
  11. Another vote for Tomato.. has been wanted a rouge bbag!
  12. I think the tomato is dazzling!
  13. I agree. For some reason, I think tomato in a "large dose" might feel overwhelming. Paprika, however, could be rockin'!
  14. Ocean! but i always choose blue color :sweatdrop:
  15. Thanks for everyone's help so far! I'm still undecided, though it looks like tomato/rpuge is the leader in my poll. I am usually drawn to blue bags in general, butI have been wanting an orang-ish bag for a long time.... though, when I saw the pics of the tomato day in SGH I fell in love! lol I may have to get all three this season, but I want something in violet as well. Although, I eventually want a day, first (I think, i am a little unsure about the size but I love the look), city, and possibly twiggy or the giant hobo. Maybe I should just pic a color for each bag! lol