Help me choose!

  1. Okay, I've been wanting to get a big bag for quite some time. I'm looking at the mini lin baby pink diaper bag which is limited and the louis vuitton MC ursula. Both cost the same at SGD3050. Any suggestion?
  2. Oooh get the Ursula! It's such a gorgeous bag! The Mini Lin is adorable, but I personally like MC more.
  3. i also vote for the ursula. :yes:
  4. ursula!
  5. Hmmm, actually I like the mini lin diaper bag cos it's in baby pink.. so differ. ;s

    I love the ursula design too! It's big and pretty!!
  6. ursula! I'm not a big fan of pink bags...
  7. I say get the mini lin pink cause it's limited now. Ursula is permanent, get it later! You have a cute little one, so your excuse is you need a diaper bag right now. lol
  8. Agree, go for the limited!!!
  9. go for the mini lin. i'm not really a fan of all the vachetta on the ursula.
  10. I really like the pics I've seen of the Mini Lin diaper bag. I would personally get it in ebene, but if you like the pink -- go for it!
  11. I will go for a Multicolor bag as it looks better.
  12. ursula!!!! in couple of years you wont need a diaper bag!!!!:p
  13. if you love both i would pink limited over permanent.
  14. I vote Ursuala!