help me choose!

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which bbag is a keeper?

  1. ink purse

  2. greige twiggy

  3. anthracite city

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. yes people, i'm posting another poll from super indecisive me. :p;) i need to downsize my collection even more. :sad: please help me choose 1 to keep and your reasons why.

    i know i just got my anthracite, but my feeling about it is 50/50 at the moment.

    my choices are:
    ink purse
    greige twiggy
    anthracite city

    your votes and feedback are most appreciated. :heart:
  2. I say Ink Purse because that is the bag I would keep! :graucho:
  3. I'd pick the anthracite, because I love the color, style and leather.
  4. anthracite city!!!!!
  5. thanks MRG, cracker, and blu!
  6. here are photos of my choices (no flash in daylight):



  7. the leather looks fantastic on all three. but i am partial to greige and twiggies. g'luck choosing.
  8. Well, you are not loving the Anthracity so i can't say keep it :shrugs: (even though that one is my first choice).:yes: My second choice is the Greige Twiggy.:heart:
  9. I'd say Anthracite because I love the color and the leather, and I'm getting one for myself as well. Besides, I'm not a fan of Purse nor Twiggy style, so that narrows it down for me.

    But it doesn't sound like you're too thrilled about Anthracite, so my next choice would be Greige Twiggy.
  10. I was going to pick the Ink Purse is a keeper...but your Anthracity is so much personality in that color. But if you aren't in love with it, I'd keep the Ink Purse, for one it's a discontinued style and for two it's a very cool color.

  11. I agree with RDC ..... voted for the Ink Purse b/c this style is discontinued :yes: ! Good luck on your decision odd :love:
  12. I chose INK purse too as it's a discontinued style...worth keepin it.......:smile:
  13. I can't decide between the twiggy and the purse. The leather on the purse looks nicer than the twiggy, but I've always been a sucker for greige. So...sorry I'm no help! My answer is: twiggy or purse! lol.
  14. I voted for keeping Anthracite as I think that the style/color is the most versatile. After seeing your photos, the ink purse is a very close second.
  15. keep the ink - the leather is perfect!!!

    i never base my decisions on what's discontinued, but the fact that the color AND the style aren't offered any more, would make me cling to the purse! (well, that and i want your anthracity!)

    seriously, that ink is TDF, really - gorgy