Help Me Choose

  1. Coach - STRAW BASKET


    I am getting a purse for our anniversary, but i cant decide between the two. I can only get one, i tried for both but am not that good. So which one, if i get the second one i have to wait until april but i can get the scriibe now. im trying to weigh out instant gratificaton or having something unique. HELLPP.
  2. Both cute but I like the scribble better. Congrats and happy anniversary!
  3. Oof - tough one. :s
    I'm totally an instant gratification kind of person. If you could have either NOW, the straw is very cute (and it has watercolor lining!). But.... like I said, I'm terrible at waiting and the scribble is cute too!
  4. i like scribble.
  5. I'm a fan of the straw, it's fun and classy at the same time. Although I feel I should mention that I don't like scribble much (full disclosure).
  6. i say straw
  7. I like the straw. Happy Anniversary by the way.
  8. happy anniversary!

    i vote for the straw basket. and, you don't have to wait until april - they're available to order now, even though they're not in the stores. (they ARE in department stores, though.)
  9. I like the scribble, but I vote for the straw.
  10. I vote straw
  11. i think the straw may be more timeless, but i'd go for the Hamptons Scribble. it's on my NEEED list!
  12. i would say the scribble!! i would afraid that the straw would mess up!!!
  13. Scribble. It might be just me, but if I carried the straw I'd feel like I was carrying a picnic basket.