Help me choose!

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  1. I contacted the store today and they ordered me Boite chapeau souple, hope I’ll love it when I get to try it on. Comments about PM maybe still having issues made me question about getting another one, even though I love this bag so much. But we will see, if bcs doesnt feel right then I’ll have to consider maybe black empreinte PM or the mono or reverse again. Will take some mod shots in the store when it arrives, hopefully quickly! And thanks everyone for the helpful comments!
  2. If you love the pm get it, the glazing issue can be easily glazed and Lv is good with service....just don’t settle for a bag
  3. Boite chapeau.
  4. I most definitely don’t want to settle for a bag this expensive. That’s why if bcs doesnt feel just right, then I’ll wait to get the PM :P but I am very interested to see bcs live. Love the round shape and the versatily of carrying this bag, cant wait to see and try it on! :no:
  5. Here she is! The replacement for my Pochette Metis. This was totally love at first sight :hbeat:

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  6. Great choice & she looks great on you!
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  7. Terrific and a great length...enjoy!
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  8. I think you made the right choice. It's lovely on you. :heart:
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  9. It looks great!
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  10. It looks very nice on you ! You made the right choice !
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