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  1. So, I took my Pochette ameris monogram from 2015 to the store yesterday because I found a crack in canvas. They deemed it defective and gave me store credit. Now I have to choose which bag to get, so please give me your opinion which you would choose and why!

    Let me also add that I’ve been eyeing on a vintage Montsouris backpack, so if I were to get BCS, I would use it as a crossbody bag and a backpack.

    1. Pochette Metis reverse monogram
    2. Pochette Metis monogram
    3. Boite chapeau souple

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  2. Boîte Chapeau!
  3. pm reverse
    the mono is too common and the last one looks like ab indiana jones bag IMO
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  4. Reverse for sure. Finally got one and it’s a beauty.
    Not getting the boite chapeau straps. Why do they dangle below the bag? How do you put it down in your car?
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  5. Hahahha I’ve been thinking the same about the btc straps :0 do you find it easy to wear the reverse with different color clothes? I love the look of it, just wondering if it’s hard to combine.
  6. I just got it on Sunday, so still quite new to me. I wear jeans or black pants almost everyday in this weather, paired with a variety of color tops, and it’s been very easy to pair. I wear my monogram pieces with everything, and this is exactly the same color scheme as a mono bag, so I think it’s quite neutral and versatile. Good luck deciding!
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  7. Boite Chapeau. (The straps don’t really dangle and you can easily insert/tuck the ends on either sides. In the longest strap length there is no dangling ends. )
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  8. Do you have this bag? How is it in use? Does the zipper scratch your hand everytime you reach something from your bag? How about, have you used it as a backpack? I like the idea of that! And the round bags are very on trend right now, also I think this bag has some cool vintagey vibe to it so very interested in it. Thanks in advance!
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  9. Exactly. For me, the Boite Chapeau is definitely the winner in this showdown
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  10. I love the Boite Chapeau but I think it depends on what you already have!
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  11. I would go for the boite chapeau souple. The metis has many issues which are annoying to deal with.
    I’m picking up mine (boite chapeau souple) this or next week.
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  12. Don’t get a Pochette Metis! Try something new! If I were in your position I would get the new wave bag in black or a Milia PM which looks absolutely gorgeous
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  13. Reverse PM gets my vote!
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  14. Hi yes I do. I am someone who stays away from any untreated vachetta leather in bags. Infact I have none except for BC. It’s extremely well made, spacious and a classic design. I have not had any issues with the zipper scratching. Though I have seen few videos showing how to use it as a backpack, I haven’t tried it myself so can’t comment on the same. I also have the PM in reverse but given a choice I would go with Boite. It’s perfect as a crossbody or shoulder carry. (There has already been a price increase in the same I believe. )
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  15. LOVE the PM reverse :heart::heart:. Share a pic of your new purchase when it arrives :smile:
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