Help me choose: YSL Medium College or LV Turrenne PM

Which bag?

  • YSL Medium college(black or dark blue w/ antique silver hw)

    Votes: 17 81.0%
  • LV Turrene PM (monogram)

    Votes: 4 19.0%

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Lady in Red
Mar 20, 2015
hi i also ask this is in LV forum
But want to ask here too, if thats ok

I know they are different brand but pls help
If anyone own any of these bag or both or simply share with me what you think..

I cant decide between these 2 and i only can choose one for now
Which design do you think is more suitable for everyday use. My outfit is very simple
I normally wear oversived shirt(white,light blue,stripes) with black jegging
Which do you think is more value buy and a classic
Because i believe after this purchase, i will not buy for a long time
Pls share your idea
Thanks guys



Jan 8, 2016
personally i would also consider where you live...i stay in a place where there are many LV and Chanel fakes and people just look so bad carrying them. turned me off these two brands! the YSL is a classier option.
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