Help me choose, YSL Large Cabas Chyc or CHLOE PARATY

  1. Sorry that I could not offer photo comparisons...I do not own these other bags. are the dimensions of the YSL Large Cabas Chyc. Perhaps that will help if you physically measure the bags you own for size. I have done that in the past just to make sure I buy the right size for my needs.

    15.5' wide x 12.5' tall x 8" deep with a 5" handle drop
  2. Attached are pics of the two sizes of Paraty, individually and together for comparison.
    Red Paraty 013.JPG bags oct 08-pers. 009.jpg 007 - Copy.JPG
  3. The red is the large tote size of the Marlow, the blue is the medium size, not sure which size you have. I think there is a large size, in between my tote size and the medium. The medium is about 14 x 10 and the tote about 14 x 12.

    Sorry can't help with the Cabas Chyc, don't have that one (yet!!);)
    EBAY ITEMS  BAGS SHOES 016 - Copy.JPG 004 - Copy.JPG
  4. The medium Chyc tote is a pretty big bag :yes: (big enough IMO)

    The large Chyc is bigger.. Let me see if I can find pics.
  5. Thank you ladies for all the contributions.
    I think mine is either larger than yours or same size with your.
    My measurements are H:12, L:15, W:6.5.
    I also check YSL Chyc on Netaport measurements and i think it might be the same size with my Marlow. I don't want any bag that is bigger than my Marlow.
    Will check about the Paraty.
    Thanks ladies

  6. YSL!!! chole's leather is way too heavy
  7. I would definitely go for the YSL Chyc in Medium or large. I think the design is timeless and will last forever.
  8. I love my medium Chloe paraty, one of my favorite bags. I think I prefer the dimensions of the medium cabas though, which is definitely on my wishlist! I chose the paraty at the time because of the shoulder strap option. But I can't get the cabas out of my head so saving up for that next!
  9. YSL Chyc :smile: !
  10. I have neither right now but will pursue YSL chyc first. The Paraty has slipped way down my list even though I still like it.
  11. Both bags are lovely. Honestly you can't go wrong with either. Personally I favor the chyc.