Help me choose which ZCP to get!

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Which Zippy Coin Purse should I buy?

  1. Epi Zippy Coin Purse Indigo

  2. Epi Zippy Coin Purse Black

  3. MC Black with Purple interior Zippy Coin Purse

  4. Vernis Amethyste Zippy Coin Purse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, after a few hours back and forth I can't seem to choose, so please help me:
    1. Epi Indigo Zippy Coin Purse
    2. Epi Black Zippy Coin Purse
    3. MC Black with purple interior Zippy Coin Purse
    4. Vernis Amethyste Zippy Coin Purse

    I plan to use it with my Black Lumi and my Infini Speedy 30 for reference, as a quick ID and most used Credit card holder when I just need to grab it and not have to open my large wallet (I have secret long Aube emp wallet I hold my cash and check book in)

  2. I like the mc black zcp
  3. Mc!!
  4. +1 Black multicolore. I have one and I love it!!!✔️❤️
  5. wow MC is winning!
  6. Black empreinte ZCP!
  7. +1. I goes with everything
  8. Multicolor black;)
  9. I would, but in the store, I tried it, sorta flimsy for a daily grab and open kinda thing. I think best to stick with Epi leather or Canvas or Venis for this kind of item one would really put in a lot of abuse. Also I just got the Emp Compact Curieuse Infini too.
  10. MC black zippy. Those colors make me smile :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. +1....even though it wasn't an option
  12. Since black Emp didn't work out for you, MC ZCP then :smile:
  13. mc black gor sure....👍
  14. Black multicolor. I just bought that print in the 4 key holder in anticipation of the MC possibly becoming discontinued and I'm surprised how cheerful it seems. I don't like MC in bags (too loud), but it's really fun in SLGs.
  15. Pomme would look wonderful with these 2 bags IMO - might you consider that?

    If not - MC