Help me choose which watch?

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  1. Hi everyone, hope everyone is well. I'm hoping to get some ideas. A new watch is on my wishlist this year, I am hoping for a dressy watch to wear for weddings and evening out.

    The two I own is the Chanel J12 and my Rolex datejust, but they seem too casual for those occasions.

    If anyone owns these watches can you tell me if you recommend or help me with ideas with something around the price range of these.

    Thank you x

    cape-cod-watch-23-x-23mm--044223WW00-front-1-300-0-1680-1680.jpg 0340560397.jpg 568211.png.scale.314.high.ballon-bleu-de-cartier-watch-steel.jpg
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  2. How about the Patek Philippe Twenty~4?

    Not sure how I feel about the Chopard - I was already iffy with the Happy Diamonds but the sun moon stars seems a bit much.

    Cartier looks plain.
  3. the Cartier watch
  4. What's the price range?

    What are the specs of those watches?

    What matters to you most, performance or statement looks?

    The watches you've put up are all very different, what do you like best about each?

    Are you looking for a cocktail watch?

    Out of those the cartier bleu looks more versatile if you want it for all occasions but it's not really a dress-watch like the others..
  5. Rolex sport range
    No regrets
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    Hello! Of those you've posted, I love the Hermes diamond Cape Cod best, especially for the uses you've noted. And for the Cape Cod, you could get additional quick release straps in double tour or single tour, in various types and colors of leather. Makes it very fun! I admit being a bit biased as I have the non-diamond, PM Cape Cod. :P Another Hermes watch I love for dressier occasions is the Nantucket Jete de Diamants watch. Really beautiful, I think! Same height as the PM Cape Cod, but narrower. I've only been restraining myself from purchasing it as I already have 5 watches! :biggrin: Here's a link to the Nantucket Jete de Diamants watch. Best wishes with your decision! :smile:
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