Help me choose which wallet to keep!

  1. So yesterday I got the Alexandra wallet in Black MC, which I've been lusting over for forever! Before that, I had a Damier Zip Compact wallet, which I was planning on selling. The Alexandra is a bit larger than what I'm used to, but I think I can get used to it. The thing I'm worried about - I know that the MC will eventually chip, so did I spend my money wisely? Has anyone here had an MC wallet for awhile? Have the colors chipped or flaked? Am I better off just keeping the Damier? I only wish that I could keep both (since they're different sizes and have different uses, but what am i going to do with 2 wallets?????

    Help please!
  2. plus the Alexandra was significantly more than the Compact Zip, so I'm having a little trouble getting over the fact that i could have bought a bag with that amount....
  3. I love the Alexandra wallet. I dont have a black mc wallet but I do have the agenda and it's held out great so far. I've had it almost 3 years now. I think the size of the Alexandra is perfect...My next wallet will be that but in Azur. Congrats on the new wallet & good luck deciding.
  4. Thanks, GP. I was worried because I have a black MC wapity and the corner colors are pretty banged up. But I got it used, so maybe it was just abused?
  5. I have the black Wapity as Shes in pristine condition though. I just adore it and that piece I do tend to baby. But the agenda is thrown from bag to bag and I keep all my loose papers and stuff in it but it's really held up well.
  6. I'd keep the Alexandra... it's more functional IMO.
  7. Im afraid of that too which is why I dont plan on getting any MC accessories, only bags. I wanted the 4-key holder but my SA advised me against it because she knows I really use my stuff to the death, I dont abuse it but everything gets used very regularly. But I cant afford to buy accessories, etc. that will chip early on, but if you can afford it I say keep it, I know I would! Good luck:smile:
  8. Keep Alexandra and resell Damier if you're looking to have 1 wallet only. My friend has MC wallet and after 2-3 year, it still look ok. I think scuff/chip on painted only happen to MC big pieces such Speedy, Alma etc ( correct me if I'm wrong ).
  9. go for the alexandra! i got a black mc zippy earlier this year and was concerned with the size (i was previously just using a cles) but i got used to it quickly and now love it.
    I too was concerned about the colour chipping off, but i havnt been babying it; its scraped against the zips of my bags when putting in/out, and i havnt seen any chipping at all. I am aware that it will happen a little eventually, but i really doubt it will be particularly noticable anyway.
  10. I have a few LV wallets and I use all of them, depending upon the bag I'm carrying. I have a black MC Zippy that I have used many times without any problems with chipping or rubbing of the screenprinting. I use it with my larger bags. I also have a Mono Zipped Compact that I love and use with my smaller LV bags. I have a Damier Zippy too and love that one. I use it with my Duomo, Knightsbridge and my Chelsea. I have a Mono Zippy Organizer that I use when traveling overseas. I have several others, but I'll stop. In sum, you can't have too many wallets. Go with what you love the most.
  11. I think you should totally keep the alexandra! I know a few people that have it and they all love it. One person I know keeps it in the cloth dust bag/sleeve when inside her purse. It still looks perfect.
  12. thanks guys! I think I'll keep both for now, lol...i can use the Zip Compact for small purses....right?
  13. I have the MC zippy and the wapity and have no problems with chipping, and I have been using both for months now. I love the alexandra style, actually have the azur under the tree :graucho:(don't ask how I know, I just do, LOL) and I think it's a great wallet, you'd be right to keep both. You can switch off when you get bored with the other.
  14. I would keep the alexandra:yes: