Help me choose which tote bag to purchase.


Nov 17, 2016
ISO of an every day bag. I am quiet heavy handed and get a lot of use from my purchases. I want a tote that fits everything and anything and will be used for travel, work, and errands. I walked into the LV store to get the neverfull and the associate showed me the On The Go which I absolutely fell in love with because personally, I love a structured bag - my first designer purse was the Alma bb - which is telling.

I love the on the go and feel it’s unique as far as LV totes go but $2500 is quiet steep and tbh thats a lot for an every day bag - id wanna take better care of it. I’ve also heard it’s a trendy piece and not a classic. Lastly, I’m not sure about carrying a 2.5K purse to my place of work and on the train, it feels flashy.

Anyway, bag aficionados what are your thoughts? Save some $$ and go with the neverfull and maybe even buy a wallet as well, or splurge and go with the on the go?

Any other suggestions?




Sep 22, 2019
That On The Go is fabulous! I'm not even an LV girl, and I really like it. You love it, so I vote get it.
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Dec 31, 2006
Atlanta, Ga, USA
Go with the On The Go bag. It’s beautiful, it will never go out of style and flashy is about perspective. If someone looks at you and thinks you’re flashy, that’s their issue and not yours!
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Aug 26, 2008
Definitely go for the Neverfull. The structure of the OTG isn’t great to be an everyday bag. Since you’re looking for a run around bag and a work bag I think the Neverfull is better suited for those purposes. At the end of the day practicality supersedes aesthetics. Plus it’s about a grand saved that you can use for something else. There’s a reason the Neverfull is considered a staple in many people’s collections.


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Aug 24, 2010
Down Under
I have both and I use my neverfull more than my OTG. The reason is because neverfull is lighter and somehow worry free. I like small bag, but I have to carry many stuff when I am out with my young kids. If you are looking for daily bag for work or else, choose neverfull. You will love it. You can save the money for wallet or else. Good luck on deciding.
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Oct 9, 2006
Neverfull, hands down. You have already said why the OTG may not work for you. We all have bags that we love to look at but are just not practical. And if the OTG is only handheld you may tire of it quickly as a work bag.


Aug 13, 2020
I would go for the neverfull, I find the colours of the on the go makes it hard to match with outfits & the big logo is very loud. :smile:
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Apr 19, 2015
Neverfull, obviously. Being structured works for smaller bags, but when this big, not really. Not that practical.
And the On the go... I mean the way it was designed screams 'optimisation and cost cutting'. At almost double the price of the neverfull, it is just as easy to make (if not easier), feautres almost no leather at all, even the toron-handles are canvas. I mean come on. The great twist of the Vuitton design is cheap canvas spiced up with high-end leather. But this is mostly cheap canvas spiced up with more canvas. So if I had to pick an On the go, I'd choose one of the all leather versions or one of the special editions that have the leather handles.
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Sep 18, 2017
Another vote for the Neverfull! The OTG is a super chic, of-the-moment bag but logomania seems to be dying down and I suspect that the giant monogram could begin to feel a bit dated in the coming years. I think the Neverfull is a lot more timeless because of this :tup: Plus, it’s a workhorse of a bag. Mine is 5+ years old, has been used daily for many of those years, is in great shape, and is truly a bag for all occasions. It is by far the best work/travel bag I’ve ever had. Plus, you get the clutch which is so great for evenings or quick outings. I think it would really suit your needs and it doesn’t hurt that it saves about $1k! ;)