help me choose : which speedy?

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    my boyfriend is getting me a speedy for my 18th birthday but i don't know which one to choose..

    i love the azur one because of the color, but i heard that the bag will get dirty.. and i also love it because it has this 'fresh' look =P

    i also love the ebene one because it wont get dirty , but i think the color is a bit too sophisticated..too 'old' ..but what do you think?
    because i also have to think about the bag on 'long term' ..i dont want a gorgeous azur thats like all dirty the nxt year =P

    can you ladies please give me your opinions =) also which size it better? 30 or the 35?
  2. I think azur is the best choise, don't worry for light color.
  3. I would go for the azur. I think it looks really nice in person.
  4. i would go with a classic speedy...I've seen girls your age make it rock with an overall youthfull style, especially the larger sizes. I probably wouldn't put a shaper in it...the sagging looks kind of funky on the college age set to me. Happy Birthday btw and enjoy your bag, whatever you decide!
  5. wont the vachetta go dirty? because i heard that it will get a honey color.. and i was actually wondering if that looks good with the azur
  6. Get the monogram or azur. Size 30.
    Vachetta can be kept clean by making sure your hands are clean, let lotion dry before graspig vachetta.
    I like the patina with azur. I totally do not understand purchasing bags with vachetta if you don't like patina.
  7. The Azur Speedy 30 looks fresh!
  8. monogram or ebene, imho I think the ebene is better cause you don't have to worry about the light handles~
  9. I would go with the classic mono speedy can't go wrong. Everyone has the 25 and the 30s. Stand out and be proud:supacool:
  10. Damier Speedy 30 in Ebene.
  11. do you think that the damier ebene will look 'old' on me?
  12. I would go for the azur.. It is SO fab!
    It might get dirty but I often clean it with water :smile:
  13. damier for me. low maintenance and a classic!
  14. Azur speedy 30! Such a fresh looking bag, by far it sticks out in my collection. My 2nd choice would be ebene.
  15. Azur definately! I think it loosk nice with patina, BUT not dirt black patina. Just gotta make sure your hands are clean etc. I'm 21 and I feel that ebene is a bit 'old'. GOOD LUCK with your decision!