Help me choose which Sabrina to get!

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  1. I really cannot choose! I can't get both. SOO.. should I get a

    Med/Small Leather black Sabrina w/ Silver hardware


    Large Op Art Sabrina Black w/ Silver hardware? I can't choose. I like em both. :confused1:

    Is there really a big difference in size? I was wondering that.

    Thanks everyone. I know I can count on you gals, because I am sure some of you have been in a position like this where you couldn't decide!

  2. I think there is a big size difference personally. Now I'm just speaking from seeing them in real life..I don't personally own one! I say go for the leather! but then again...more purse for your money with the op art!...good luck with your decision! (I was of NO help huh?):thinking:
  3. My vote would be for the small leather. I think that the sabrinas have scrumptious leather!
  4. I have two of them and one is leather (cherry) and the other is op art (melon). Both of my bags are medium which for me was large enough. Everything that I normally carry fits inside and I tend to throw in more things if my bag has more room, even when I don't need to.
  5. ok, first there is a big difference in size. i personally prefer the large. having said that the medium or regular sabrina does hold a good deal. however, the zipper opening is smaller than the large as are the handles. the large handles work better for me in the crook of the arm. having said that, the leather sabrinas are so great that i would rather compromise on size and get the smaller bag in leather. again, this depends on how you feel about leather vs. fabric. some people prefer the fabric. for me, leather wins every time. so although my first recommendation would be for large leather, if that was not possible, i would go with the smaller leather over the op art fabric. just be aware that there is a size difference. hope this helps a little. good luck whatever you choose. sabrina is a great bag!
  6. I would pick the leather small. I tend to prefer leather over sig/op art stuff. And for me, the small is quite roomy. I can't fill it up!
  7. medium/small black leather.. I have the large and it is BIG, plus I like the all-leather more than the op art.
  8. small leather!

  9. Is it harder to take care of patent leather? I really like the patent graphite Sabrina. I just never had a patent leather bag. btw this did help me!
  10. I have a picture of a small and medium together. Let me go find it.
  11. I would go for the leather unless you need a larger bag, then the op art
  12. If you carry a lot of stuff with you, go for the Large Op Art Sabrina.
  13. OK, here's my 02. cents! I bought the Lg. Sabrina about 2 weeks after they were released. I didn't want to shell out the big bucks for the all leather until they had been out awhile and I found out of any "issues" she may have. I own the black on black OpArt, I WAS NOT a huge fan of the OpArt when it was first released and I'm really not that much of a siggy girl anymore BUT with the fabrica being the tone on tone (black on black) you really can't see the C's that much anyway!!!

    I love to carry a BIG bag. To give you an idea of how much room I usually need in a bag I can fill up the black tattoo tote no problemo!

    I think there is a BIG difference between the small/med size and the Lg. I then made a trade (not on this site) and scored myself the sm/med in a satin scarf print and thought I'd be OK with her because everyone says they hold so much more then you'd think, and this is TRUE they do. Here's what my take was on the small/med size (and NO OFFENSE to those who love that size) I think it looks like a mini Sabrina. I found that although she may hold enough her handles are far too small and the opening was also an issue for me.

    This is what I am able to carry in my Lg. Sabrina w/ some room to spare (she's not all bulked out.)

    1.) turnlock top capacity wristlet OR cosmetic case
    2.) long checkbook wallet
    3.) 08' legacy leather clutch (with mini skinny inside for coins)
    4.) mini sig pill case
    5.) studded mini skinny (the triangle shaped one)
    6.) 3 X 5in turnlock agenda
    7.) regular flat signature stripe wristlet (for COACH tags & receipts)
    8.) cell phone

    ***I also have space to throw my digi cam in if needed and extra room. I think that IF you really decide you want the LARGE Sabrina the black on black OpArt is all good because as I said before it's hard to see the C's. Let me also say this...mine wears like IRON!!!

    Good Luck deciding!!! Here's a pic of mine for inspiration!! LOL

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  14. Wow! That helped me out alot. That bag carrys ALOT. I do have to carry a couple diapers, and snacks with me for my little guy so I think I am gonna go with the large op art! Thanks for all this info. She is gorgeous in your picture!