HELP ME CHOOSE - Which Reissue do you like best?


May 1, 2013
Hi everyone,

Okay, so some of you may know that I've been completely lame at deciding which Reissue to buy. SO... I've bought all three of the ones I'm considering, but as much as it'd be awesome to keep all of them, I have no choice but to return two.

So... Here are photos - tell me which one you think I should keep and why. (If it makes a difference, the only other Chanel bag I have is a Black Caviar WOC, but it's so different and so much smaller, that I doubt it should be considered in this decision.)

The choices are between (all Reissue 226 size):
Grey Caviar with gold hw
Black Distressed Calfskin with gold hw
Black Distressed Calfskin with silver (rhodenium) hw

I think I know which one to keep, but I'd love to hear from all of you. Pictures to follow if I can get them to load!

And by the way, I have found the most wonderful SA EVER!! She has been very patient with me...

Thanks guys!


May 5, 2012
Wow! Good luck trying to choose... I don't think I could let any of those go!!!
If I absolutely could only choose one, it would have to be the black and gold because it's such a stunning combination that I would never get tired of and can be dressed up or down.