help me choose which one to get!

  1. i have another issue now - which ring should i get??
    ring1.JPG ring3.JPG ring4.JPG
  2. Hm. . . :girlsigh: i'll go for the first and the third ring
  3. I would go for all of 'em!

  4. defo the second one ! :drool:

  5. lol! I agree!:tup:
  6. The first and the pink one! :drool:
  7. I would go for the first one :love:
  8. OMG the bee!!! I haven't seen that one yet! I love bees, and you've suckered me into it. I vote for that one! :biggrin:

    I just checked elux... the earrings in that collection are so cute, too! :heart:
  9. I like the second one.
  10. I like the 2nd as well but would also wear the 3rd ;)
  11. Of the three, I really like the third.

    I have the middle one, except with clear stones and not pink. I wore it to death, but two stones fell out. It's not hugely noticeable, but it bothers me so I no longer wear it. Just a word of caution that the stones are likely to fall out eventually.
  12. i'd choose the second or the third ring. the first ring looks too kiddy for me lols
  13. 2 =)
  14. A tie between 1 and 3 ...
  15. i vote for the 3rd one! its so pretty =]