Help me choose.. which noe to get?


Which Petit Noe?

  1. Epi Ivoire

  2. Epi Red

  3. MC White

  4. MC Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am thinking of purchasing a petit noe, but can't decide on either an epi ivoire or red, or mc white or black. Which one would you choose?
  2. I think all are good choices but I love the noe in MC it's so cute
  3. Yes, all are good and I can only choose one. :confused1: I wish I can get them all!
  4. if you have a lot of dark bags, a white or red noe will brighten things up. i like solids...
  5. i agree with label addict-MC and i prefer the Noe in black MC.
  6. Does anyone have a noe? Which one do you have? Do you like yours? Thanks in advance for helping me decide.
  7. The white MC Noe is stunning IRL!
  8. Red - I love red Epi!
  9. OMG this is such a hard choice! The Epi red is gorgeous, but so are the MC's. I think I'd go with....... hmmmmm well if the price is no object go with the white MC. Or save some money and get the Epi! Oooh with the money saved you can buy a scarf or bandeau that matches the red epi! Then you just put it through the holes of the noe and you have a personalized epi! OOH do that!
  10. I love the red noe!
  11. Either the Ivoire or Red. They're stunning irl. And you can wear them all year around.
  12. Epi red.
  13. i like the epi ivoire!! because of the light color and the leather..
  14. I think the red is hot as a noe!:drool:
  15. Thanks to all who voted. I still can't decide... They are all so lovely. The poll results are so close between the four choices at this time. Hopefully, I get more responses and see if one stands out than the other ones.

    Red epi - Simply Stunning
    Ivoire epi - So beatutiful and elegant
    MC White - Super cute and eye-catching
    MC Black - Gorgeous and very cute too