Help me choose which nano belt bag

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Which Nano Belt bag

  1. Black

  2. Cloud

  3. Light Taupe

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I can’t decide between these 3 colors. pls help. Or share your opinion on this bag

    021651A4-B887-4B3D-AF95-7F867038A922.jpeg 8AB00ECC-0A7F-4980-8756-B0A4F21A5E38.jpeg 5B8FEEC1-6E7D-4983-B5C4-F41C6F00F12C.jpeg
  2. Oh i love the Belt bag and nano is such a cute size! Color-wise, my vote goes to Cloud. (Black is boring and I’m not a fan of the taupe shade.)
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  3. Really depends on what colours you like to wear and your skin tone. I found taupe clashed with my skin tone/ harder to style. I think black is very beautiful and it is very popular, however it wasn't as suitable for my wardrobe for different seasons (particularly spring/ summer), which is why I purchased cloud and absolutely love it!
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  4. wow how long have you had the belt cloud. Do you have any issue with color transfer? May i ask, Is the color cloud looks bluish or greyish in real life?
  5. I'm also a fan of the Cloud color :smile:
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  6. I think it probably depends on how you plan to style it and when you plan to wear it, and what your wardrobe looks like year-round? I'd go for black myself, as I sometimes wear very bold patterns and colors, and over time have realized that blacks actually help my outfits 'pop' more and looks fantastic with my black hair. :heart: But the Cloud color is super lovely!
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  7. Black is black and you’ll know if this is for you. Both cloud and taupe are nice neutrals, cloud is cool toned and taupe is warm toned. I would choose the one that’s easiest to match with your clothing. I have it in frost which is an icy blue not too dissimilar from cloud. I love it!
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  8. i pulled the trigger.. can't wait for my celine belt bag to arrive,.. super nervous
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  9. I normally wear very casual clothings, oversized shirt in blue/stripes/white/pink/polka dots/black with black leggings..
    I thought of getting the black belt bag too at first but since i am also getting the black fendi peekaboo. and i feel the 'cloud' looks pretty nice?
  10. Do you have any problem with the bag? since it's quite a light colored bag.
    any color transfer issue>?
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  11. What color did you end up getting? I am also trying to decide between Cloud and Taupe.
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  12. I spray all my bags with carbon pro from new and whilst I’ve had some feint usage marks they wipe off with a leather cleaning cloth. I notice from the post above this that you’re considering the peekaboo. I have two minis in lambskin and they too are just awesome bags. Pure class :flowers:
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  13. I ordered the Nano Belt in Cloud, should be arriving next week.
    So excited but nervous at the same time.. really hope that i will love the color..
    Let me know which color you get too ..
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  14. Oh..
    I never spray my bag.. I'm scared it will ruin the bag and i don't know where to find the spray? From the brand's itself?
    Aaah yes, i am planning to get the Mini Peekaboo next... in black.. But i am still not sure to get the new updated version( the one with the feet and thicker long strap) or the original version.,
    What color is your Peekaboo? May i ask, does both Nano Belt and Mini Peekaboo about the same size? Do they fit the same amount of stuff? Which do you love more? :biggrin:
  15. Carbo Pro is made by Collonil and you can purchase it from Amazon. I’ve never had it ruin a bag but if you’re worried do a small test patch on the base first.

    I really want a black mini peekaboo but there’s none so far with silver hardware. Mine are dove grey, which is more caramel coloured, and a burgundy. I haven’t seen the new version yet but I’ve had no problems with the lack of feet, because it’s so little I always put it on a table not the floor.
    Here is a photo of what fits in the Céline nano and the peekaboo takes nearly the same. I love both bags but the peekaboo would win out if I was forced to choose due to ease of use and the beautiful lambs leather. It also sits so close to the body when worn crossbody. But I won’t be giving up my nano any time soon :lol:

    BE7E461F-033F-45B0-9410-398F5CE51271.jpeg 210ED24D-D8F2-4D62-ACBE-A7DD13B5BB68.jpeg