Help me choose which LV will be my first

  1. Yes, I'm a LV virgin. But I'm finally ready to take the plunge and get my first one next week. (hopefully before the price increase!) Anyway, I thought I had settled on the Vernis Reade PM in Noisette but I saw the Damier Speedy tonight at NM and I **love** that one too. So I'm asking for you LV queens' opinions. Which one should I get? The Vernier Reade or the Damier Speedy 25? Thanks in advance!!:flowers:
  2. get what you LOVE! the speedy is the classic/iconic LV shape, so i'd suggest that as your first. but it won't be long before you get a 2nd anyway :lol: so just start saving for both!
  3. Killerlife said it best "classic/iconic LV shape, so I'd suggest that as your first"....

    I say speedy as well for the same reason!!
  4. Yes, I've pretty much resolved myself to the fact that I will become a dedicated LV customer after this (especially after discovering this forum). I think I need a 2nd job...LOL

    Thanks for your recommendation!:yes:
  5. I 100% agree with killerlife, buy what you love, but I think a classic first choice would be a mono speedy, alma or papillon. That Damier speedy would be gorgeous though!
  6. I vote for something mono for your first piece!! Maybe the speedy or alma. Otherwise, I say go for the Reade!!!
  7. get the speedy! :yes: :biggrin:
  8. love speedy:heart: & vernis.. but for something special... i will say damier speedy, the vernis have to extra care but its up to you.. i love both
  9. Get whichever bag you know that you can carry around for a long period of time and the bag that would fit most in your lifestyle. A lot of ladies here love the Speedy, and they have nothing but great things to say about it. I don't own any Vernis bags, but I hear that it transfers color easily, am I right? I'm not sure.
  10. I am very predictable: I always suggest the Speedy. I love mine.
  11. Speedy!
  12. The Speedy! It will hold much more than the vernis reade. Though the reade is a cute bag, the Speedy is a classic that you will get tons of use from :smile:
  13. speedy!

    And a side note, i got my first LV, a mono speedy, last november. I swore i wouldn't even think about getting another LV for a full year. hahah i got an epi jasmin in April! hahaha so, yes, it doesn't matter, but you will have a 2nd one so soon anyways :smile:
  14. The speedy!! Always a classic...and love it in damier!
  15. how about a multicolor speedy 30?!?