Help me choose which gucci to get girls! :)

  1. Hi everyone! its my birthday this coming week and although my mum got me a pretty gucci horsebit clutch in brown leather trim (its on its way!!!:yahoo: ), i feel like buying myself a little something too.. i'm actually debating with either getting a shoulder bag with bone/off-white leather trim or a classic messenger bag. I know the messenger will come out really useful and cheaper as i'm looking at the small one with signature web straps for travelling but i'm thinking that that would be easier to buy some other time (i've saved a little in preparation for this month heehee).;) on the other hand, im getting scared about the the light leather trim, will it dirty easily or get yellowish after some time? ooh, pls do put in your thoughts as my SO keeps on giving me sarcastic remarks like "oh wow, what a big prooooblem" :yucky: well, who needs his stupid opinion haha!

    here are my choices so far, ive seen them in the gucci store and the sizes are just right for my frame so that's not a prob.:yes:

    1) Abbey Gesso bag (in bone trim not brown okie)
    pros: roomy and simple.
    cons: the bottom sags and the bag doesn't retain its shape without stuffing, its also not slouching properly either when you put stuff inside.

    2) Charmy Shoulder bag
    pros: nice shape and holds it neatly, roomy too
    cons: there's a strip of bone leather in the bottom, more expensive

    3) Classic Messenger bag
    pros: will come out practical and cheaper, useful
    cons: common?, can be bought at a later time

    TIA gals!!! hope to hear your opinions!
  2. #2 only because the first one sags. good luck!
  3. I'm going to be getting that Abbey - I tried it on a few weeks back and it holds a ton, can be worn on your shoulder or arm, and the SA told me it doesn't sag if the weigh is distributed inside (dont carry bottled water, your phone, wallet etc all in the center of the bag...)
  4. I saw a girl in my neighborhood with the abbey bag. To be honest I didn't like the bag before I saw it on her & now I love it!
  5. I vote for the Abbey as well. Seems very practical, you can hold lots of stuff in it since it's big enough. I like the look of it out of all three.
  6. i prefer the first one. :biggrin:
  7. I adore the abbey bag, definitely number 1 !
  8. I would vote #2.
  9. I don't really like the second one and also I think that the white part could be difficult to be kept clean.
    I have two Gucci bags which are almost same with the first and the last so my opinions will be based on my experience:
    the first one is great, it's very roomy but on days you don't need to carry much stuff, the bag doesn't look empty. I never noticed that the bottom sags and it doen't lose its shape when you carry it.
    Most days I don't put many things inside it, just the basics but yesterday I put my 15.4'' laptop, charger and lots of other stuff without a problem :nuts:
    I also have a messenger which is very similar to the last one. Even though I love it because it's my first gucci bag and I just :heart: the red-green strap, I don't really use it much because there is only room for my wallet, keys & cellphone.
    So my vote goes to the first one!! Let us know what you decide!:flowers:
  10. I say the charmy #2, I love the abbey(#1) but its very common and not as stunning. The charmy is gorgeous! I think I actually want it now lol
  11. I vote for the Abbey. It's gorgeous in the off-white leather trim! My friend has the one from summer with pink GG canvas and white trim and she hasn't had a problem with sagging at all so I think you should be ok too!
  12. I'd go number 1! I just love that shape.. it fits great under the arm!
  13. I've been eyeing #1 so that's what I'd go for!
  14. thanks for the replies girls! will be going to the gucci boutique this thursday and update y'all!:smile:

    i have another question: if the bag on display is the one and only piece of the style you like left, would you still get it? i'm just kinda worried about this..
  15. If after inspection I'm happy with it, then I don't see why not? Unless you know it's something that's going to bother you.