Help me choose which Epi Alma color!!

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  1. I LOVE the ivory epi. Love it. It's stunning. But can you use this bag as much as you can use the black? The black is gorgeous too! So for my first epi bag, should I go for the Ivory or be more practical and get black. I want to be able to carry it casually and in dressier occasions...basically anytime. I thought about Rubis (Cassis is an option. I like it but I don't love it for the Alma. I might look at it in another bag style later) but don't think it's as versatile...or is it??

    Help me out guys? My purchase date is getting closer and closer!! Thanks!
  2. I love the ivory!
  3. oh I looooove the ivory... but is it true it's being discontinued?? hope not!
  4. Ivory.
  5. No doubt. The black is the one I would choose. So versatile and classy.
  6. Ivory!
  7. I saw the ivory at the boutique yesterday, and it was stunning!
  8. Ivory! It's stunning
  9. go for the ivory
  10. I like black!
  11. black or cassis!!
  12. Sounds like you really want the ivory so I would go for that. I almost did not get my galliera in azur because I was worried I wouldn't be able to use it as much as mono. However it has made me so happy all ov my other concerns seem minimal.
  13. ivory if you are very careful with your bags.. black if your not always careful =]
  14. ITA. Ir can be stresfull