Help me choose - which damage would you prefer?

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  1. If you had to pick which damage, which one would you pick and why?

    One's got a scuff in the corner, apart from that, the bag is perfect. Will the scuff worsen? Is it all that noticable? I'm a perfectionist and any little imperfection will get to me.

    The other's got a scratch across the back, apart from that, the bag is perfect. I'm guessing the damage is on the back and it won't be seen most of the time?

    Would love to hear your thoughs ladies! Would I be able to put up with the scuff or scratch?
  2. hi sweety, we meet again :smile:

    back to your question, depends on how bad they are and on which leather.
    light scuffs are unavoidable on my lamb skin, but they can be buffed out using the cloth came with bag.
  3. Oops, I forgot to add the pictures.


  4. I want to say neither but if I really have to choose, I'd choose the scuff at the corner over the scratch in the back, which is pretty obvious to me. I hope these are not "brand new" bags.
  5. Hi Coco!

    Yes, they both are lambskin. I don't think it comes with a cloth as they're both vintage. Is it hard to find one like this in prestine condition? If not, maybe I should wait?

  6. i don't know if it's my crappy iphone, i can't really see the scuff on the first pic there.
    so, if i have to pick one, i would go for the first one.

    i'm not an expert here, but having my lambskin for few years, i find its realy impossible to avoid light scuffs or scratches, sometimes it can just be my own nails bcoz the leather is just so soft. but also bcoz the softness of the leather, if not really nasty ones, the marks can recover by bit of rub or buff with their cloth. the cloth came with the bag is like a soft felt cloth, i'm sure you can source it or something similar somewhere.
  7. I would choose the scuff in the corner. But if you can't live with it and are really doubting, you shouldn't buy it. You don't want to have a bummed feeling everytime you see your bag :smile:
  8. Thanks for your opinions ladies :flowers:. I am currently waiting on another seller for additional pictures. Hopefully her bag is better so I can avoid deciding on these two.
  9. I think both look good to me given they are vintage. I can't really see the scuff on the corner so I'd choose that one :smile:
  10. This:biggrin:
  11. Before seeing the pics, I would say the scratch cos I reckon nobody sees the back of the bag. After seeing the pics, I would choose the scuff.. It soooo negligible! ;)
  12. Here's another picture of the scuff.


    So far:
    Scuff: 6
    Scratch: 0
  13. ^Thanks for the link. I'm actually after the equivalent size to a caviar m/l.
  14. If you are a perfectionist and it will bother you, don´t buy any of these bags.