Help me choose which color for Celine Classic Box

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Which color for the Celine classic box?

  1. Amazon/Green

    10 vote(s)
  2. Camel/Tan

    14 vote(s)
  1. Hi all,

    I'm debating between the Amazon or Camel color for the Celine classic box bag. I like Amazon (green) more, but I feel like Camel (tan) is more versatile. Please help me choose! TIA

    189173DLS.04FG_1_LIBRARY_85050.jpg 189173DLS.31AN_1_SPR19_130471.jpg
  2. Amazon! It’s a gorgeous color and can be a lot more versatile then people think.
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  3. Amazone! Im choosing between amazone and black myself! But amazone green must be the most versatile bag that is not a neutral. Or is it maybe then a neutral? I think it goes with a lot of colors! Its beautiful!
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  4. camel, as for me it's classic
  5. The Box bag looks beautiful in both these colours.

    The Camel colour is one of the most iconic Celine colours. It definitely has a vintage vibe. If you want your bag to stand out and be instantly recognisable as a Celine bag, then I would get camel.

    The Amazone green is deep and mysterious. It looks modern and very chic. I like that it can look different shades of green depending on the light. I think you will also be able to wear this colour with a lot more without getting sick of it.

    It depends on your style and what you can picture yourself wearing more. :smile:
  6. If you like Amazone better go for that! It is a beautiful color and a Celine classic. And much easier to combine that it would seem in my opinion.
  7. Camel for me ! Perfect for all seasons !
  8. Amazone! It’s a stunning and rich shade.
  9. Camel! Such a classic color and Celine does this shade so well.
  10. I vote Amazon, so chic!