Help me choose which Celine Classic Box in Liege ( Storm or Glazed Nut)

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Which Celine Box bag?

  1. Storm

  2. Glazed Nut

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  1. Hi all
    I can't decide between these two colors for my Celine Box Bag
    Anybody own this bag in either one?
    Or seen this color in real life?
    What do you think?

  2. Does anyone know , is the Glazed Nut color also known as Camel?
    Are they both the same color?
  3. Im so boring. I would go with the darker bag to limit the risk of color transfer. So sad with light colored bags that you dont want to use because you are worried about getting color marks on the back for example. Ive been there... But thats just me.

    Get the one you loooove!
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  4. I think both are nice. I would probably choose the glazed nut because it looks more ‘Celine’.
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  5. Thanks!
    Now i'm considering whether to get this Glazed Nut (Liege) or Camel (Smooth Leather)
    The Liege is more durable? and looks more like the Hermes Constance?
    But the Smooth Leather looks so sleek and shiny?
    What do you think?
    Which do you prefer?
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    I prefer the glazed nut to the storm. I saw the glazed nut in store and it is a very nice color, hazelnutty.

    The camel is very similar color, less toffee and and richer because of the leather. I personally would go with the box leather rather than the liege, just because stamped leathers are my least favorite. But both look great in this bag.

    In terms of use, the box is going to scratch more than the liege but in the long term it is more durable. It all depends whether you are fine with a leather that patinas.

    I don't know why the liege would look more like the Constance? To me box is a classic for the Constance, even if now they produce a lot of them in Epsom (comparable to liege).
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  7. Thanks for your reply.
    The smooth leather will patina?
    Do you mean, the color will change like LV patina?
  8. No, LV vachetta is untreated not dyed leather. The smooth leather (box) in the classic won't change color but will become shinier with time. The scratches blend in into the shine. It is like Hermes box.
    Like the patina in this box Constance which is 50 years old:
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  9. I find smooth box leather to be more luxurious. Yes it may scratch but over the years the scratches will blend in. I don’t really like leathers that feel overly treated or coated like epsom, liege or saffiano because they feel more plastic to me and you can’t appreciate the natural beauty of the leather. But this is only my personal opinion.

    However having said all that, I do think that the Glazed Nut brown colour in liege looks absolutely gorgeous and very rich.

    Personally I would choose Camel because I like the smooth leather but the liege glazed nut is a good carefree option for everyday.
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  10. Have the Storm liege box and looooove it. Color feels modern and fresh to me whereas the darker glazed nut is too serious and felt old. The Box shape is already so classic so I thought it was nice to be balanced out with a lighter color. I’ve had mine for several months and no issues with color transfer or wear and tear (which is why I opted for Liege, I did not want the scratches of Smooth box).
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  11. Glazed nut for sure ! Neutrals will never go out of style and for the price point of this bag, go for something with more longevity :smile:
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  12. Hi there.
    May i ask, Is the color darker or lighter in real life?
    I'm seeing different shades online.
    Do you think the color is more of a greyish blue?
  13. It’s lighter to me - more green and greys in the bag than just straight up light blue. I fell in love with the color. Let me try to post some pics
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  14. Hope these files attach!

    Attached Files:

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  15. Found another pic online. This color is so special and unique, it changes depending on lighting, sometimes lighter sometimes like a robins egg blue. It’s gorgeous and not easily found

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